Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Grammar: Verb: To be

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se - to be

****The verb To Be is used to identify a person or an object.

1. Mwen se yon fanm - I am a woman

2. li se yon pilòt - he/she is a pilot

3. nou se Ameriken - We are Americans

4. ou se pitit Joseph - you are Joseph's child.

5. Sa se yon kay - This is a house

6. Yo se Ayisyen - They are Haitians.

7. Sa se yon blag - That is a joke

8. Se yon zwazo - it's a bird

9. Joujou se yon Ayisyen - Joujou is Haitian

10. Mesye sa se zanmi m - This man is my friend

Track:  Mise sa by Dédé Saint-prix

Let's Practice! Please translate the following sentences.

1. I am a boy

2. She is a girl

3. This is a t-Shirt

4. That is a shoe

5. He is a man

6. She is my sweetheart

7. She is a nuisance

8. It is a lie

Find answer key at the bottom if this page

1.m se yon ti gason   2.li se yon ti fi   3.sa se yon mayo    4.sa se yon soulye    5.li se yon misye.    6.li se boubout mwen    7. li se yon pongongon     8.se yon manti

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