Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grammar: Pronouns You and I

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mwen means I
m also means I


ou means you
w also means you


mwen wè ou  - I see you
m wè wI see you

"m" is the abbreviated form of "mwen"
"w" is the abbreviated form of "ou"
We, creole speakers, use it a lot.

1. mwen rele ou - I call you

2. m rele w - I call you

3. m bezwen w - I need you

4. m pa bezwen w - I don't need you ("pa" indicates a negative form)

5. ou bezwen m - you need me

6. ou pa bezwen m - you don't need me

7. m ba ou de ti wòch - I give you two little rocks

8. m kwè w - (Non contracted form - mwen kwè ou) - I believe you

9. M pa kwè w - I don't believe you

10. m tande w - I hear you

11. m pa tande w - I don't hear you

12. M konprann ou - I understand you

13.  m pa konprann ou - I don't understand you

Mèsi, se tout - thank you, that's all

Track:  Kay Manman by Jocelyne Béroard
Let's Practice - Please translate the following sentences.

1. (To call - rele) -- You call me.

2. (To choose - chwazi) -- I choose you.

3. (To help - ede) -- You help me.

4. (To thank - remèsye) -- I thank you.

5. (To wish - swete) -- I wish you

6. (To honor - onore) --I honor you

7. (To worship - adore) -- I adore you

8. (To show -montre) --You don't show me

9. (To  look at - gade) -- I look at you

10. (To look at - gade) -- I don't look at you

Find the answer key at the bottom of this page

1.ou rele m or ou rele mwen   2.m chwazi w or mwen chwazi ou   3.ou ede m   4.m remèsye w   5.m swete w   6.m onore w   7.m adore w   8.ou pa montre m   9.m gade w   10. m pa gade w


  1. Ou rele mwen / W rele mwen

    Mwen chwazi ou / M chwazi ou :-)

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