Sunday, February 14, 2010

Grammar: Present tense

In Haitian Creole the verbs retain their form always. There's no subject-verb agreement.

The verb: To go

I go - Mwen ale
You go - Ou ale
He goes - Li ale
She goes- Li ale
It goes - Li ale
We go - Nou ale
You go - Nou ale
They go - Yo ale

The verb: To sing

I sing - Mwen chante
You sing - Ou chante
He sings - Li chante
She sings - Li chante
It sings - Li chante
We sing - Nou chante
You sing - Nou chante
They sing - Yo chante


Let's Practice.

(To look for - Chache) 1. The teacher looks for the book.

(To love - Renmen) 2. Manny loves Tata a lot.

(To sit - Chita) 3. The Nurse sits on the chair.

(To go - Ale) 4. They go to the Theatre.

(To eat - Manje) 5. We eat avocados a lot.

(To Agree - Dakò) 6. I agree with you

(To wash - lave) 7. He washes his face

(To fight - batay) 8. We fight all the time.

(To rain - Fè lapli) 9. It rains every day

(Can - Kapab) 10. I can read

Find answer key at the bottom of this page

1.pwofesè a chache liv la    2.Manny renmen Tata anpil    3. Enfimyè a chita sou chèz la     4.Yo ale nan teyat la    5.Nou manje zaboka anpil     6.M dakò ak ou     7. li lave figi li     8.Nou batay tout tan (or) nou goumen tout tan     9.Li fè lapli chak jou     10. M kab li (or) M kapab li (or) M ka li.

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