Friday, February 19, 2010

Grammar: Possessive Adjectives

httRemember the "Definite article". Most of the time the Haitian Creole Definite Article follows the Possessive Adjectives.

Please review Lesson 9 and memorize the definite articles.


The Possessive adjective always follows the noun. And... most of the time a definite article will follow that possessive adjective.

Possessive adjectives:

My - Mwen

Your - Ou

His - Li

Her - Li

Its - Li

Our - Nou

Your - Nou

Their - Yo


Possessive adjectives followed by singular definite article.

Mwen an

Ou  a

Li a

Nou an

Yo a

Possessive adjectives are followed by plural definite article.

Mwen yo

Ou yo

Li yo

Nou yo

Yo an

1. my pencil - kreyon mwen or kreyon mwen an
2. her house - kay li or kay li a
3. our child - pitit nou or pitit nou an4. my car is white - Machi-n mwen an blan.
5. my child's name is Kalou - Pitit mwen an rele Kalou.

Shall we practice? Please translate.

1. My name is John.

2. Our bed is too small.

3. His hair is short.

4. Your kids are on the roof of the house.

5. Their book is heavy.

Find answer key at the bottom of this page.

1.non mwen se John    2.kabann nou an twò piti    3.cheve li kout    4.ti moun ou yo sou tèt kay la    5.liv li yo lou.

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