Friday, February 11, 2011

Verb: to go

Let's practice saying,  "I am going to ......." in Haitian Creole
1.  I am going to speak - M pral pale
2. I am going to sit down - M pral chita
3. we are going to fight - Nou pral goumen
4. I am going to call you - M pral rele w.
5. I am tired, I am going to rest - M fatige, m pral repoze.
6. They're going to get married - yo pral marye
7. She's going to go to work - Li pral travay.
8. Are you  going to cook - Eske ou pral fè manje?
9. I am not going wash the car - M pa pral lave machin nan.
10. It's going to rain - li pral fè lapli.

Take a little quiz - Translate to Haitian Creole.
1.Laurie is going to wash the car.
2.Is she going to work today?
3. Are they going to fight?
4. I'm going to cook tomorrow.
5. It's going to rain this morning.
Check your answers below.

1. Laurie pral lave machin nan.
2. Eske li pral travay jodi a?
3. Eske yo pral goumen?
4. M pral fè manje demen.
5. Li pral fè lapli maten an.