Friday, February 19, 2010

Grammar: Negatives - Present Tense

In Haitian Creole, "pa" is used for the negative form.

1. We have two houses - Nou gen de kay.
2. We don't have two houses - Nou pa gen de kay.

3. I shower - m benyen
4. I don't shower - m pa benyen

5. he's tired - li fatige
6. he's not tired - li pa fatige 

Let's Practice. - Please Translate.
1. we don't have a car.

2.  Cindy is not happy.

3. Ben doesn't have a pencil.

4. She doesn't have a skirt, she has a dress.

5. I don't need a pen, I need a piece of paper.

6. The mango is not green.

7. I don't understand

8. we don't know you

9. I don't speak Creole

10. they don't eat mangos

Find answer key at the bottom of this page.

1.nou pa gen yon machin    2.Cindy pa kontan    3.Ben pa gen yon kreyon pa gen yon jip, li gen yon rad    5. m pa bezwen yon plim, m bezwen yon moso papye. a pa vèt.   7. m pa konprann   8.nou pa konnen w   9.m pa pale kreyòl   10.yo pa manje mango

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