Sunday, February 21, 2010

Grammar: Adjectives

In Haitian Creole, the verb To Be is omitted when using attributes:
In the Audio/Video Resources section, check out both videos on adjective for more practice.

There's more on adjectives in Exercise 43

Crossword puzzle 13 is also about adjectives.
In Haitian Creole adjectives usually follow the noun.

1. The red car. --- Machin wouj la.

2. The blue cup. --- Gode ble a.

3. The sad girl. --- Ti fi tris la.

4. I sleep in a clean room. -- Mwen dòmi nan yon chanm pwòp.

5. The students wash the dirty car. -- Elèv yo lave machin sal la.
Let's Practice! Translate the following sentences.

1. We bring good news today.

2. Put your dirty shoes on the floor.

3. I wear a red shirt today.

4. Chantal is a tall girl

5. The wet shirt.

6. She is a great friend.

7. I've got a lot of joy.

8. This is a wonderful party.

9. We got too much money.

10. This is a closed door.

Find answer key at the bottom of this page

1.nou pote bòn nouvèl jodi-a     2.mete soulye sal ou yo atè a     3.m mete yon chemiz wouj jodi-a 4.chantal se yon ti fi wo     5.chemiz mouye a se yon bon zanmi    7.m gen anpil jwa se yon fèt mèveye    9. nou gen twòp lajan se yon pòt fèmen

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