Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Grammar: Using the Haitian Creole word "SOT" or "SOTI"

soti → go out, come out of, come from, exit
sot → (contracted form of soti) it also means just came from

He came out of the room.
Li soti nan chanm nan.

I am from (come from) Haiti.
Mwen soti Ayiti.

I came from new York.
Mwen sot New York.

I just came from seeing her.
Mwen sot wè li.

We should get out more often.
Nou ta dwe soti pli souvan.

An nou fè yon ti soti non!
Let's go out! (for entertainment)

I'm out.  Don't wait up for me.
Mwen sòti.  Pa tann mwen.

People who come from Port-de-Paix have a good heart.
Moun ki sot Port-de-Paix gen bon kè.

Soti deyò!
Get out!
Go outside!

Soti nan kay la!
Get out of the house!

Soti nan machin nan!
Get out of the car!

Sot nan tèt mwen!
Get out of my head!

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