Monday, September 19, 2011

Grammar: Comparatives

Yeap! The biggest baddest, coolest, and most useful skill ever is to speak more then one language.  It opens new doors.  You meet new people, discover new traditions and cultures, and learn how the other half of the world live.

The determiner for Haitian Creole superlative is 'pi'.

The ten Haitian Creole superlatives that you must memorize are:

1. pi gwo - biggest

2. pi bon - best

3. pi bèl - most beautiful

Pi fò pase tsunami.
Pi bèl pase lanmou.
Pi cho pase solèy.

4. pi piti - smallest

5. pi fò - strongest

6. pi fasil - easiest

7. pi dous - sweetest

8. pi anfòm - coolest

9. pi move - worst

10. pi cho - hottest (has nothing to do with the word 'sexy hot')

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