Sunday, September 18, 2011

Grammar: There will be / There won't be

There will be...

There will be joy.
Ap gen lajwa.  or
Pral gen lajwa.

There will be laughter.
Ap gen kè kontan. or
Pral gen kè kontan.

There will be cakes.
Ap gen gato.    or
Pral gen gato.

There will be food.
Ap gen manje.   or
Pral gen manje.

There will be fireworks.
Ap gen fe datifis.   or
Pral gen fe datifis.

There won't be.

There won't be any tears.
Pap gen kriye.

There won't be violence.
Pap gen vyolans.

There won't be any anguish.
Pap gen tèt chaje.

There won't be peace.
Pap gen lapè.

There won't be enough space for you.
Pap gen ase plas pou ou.

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