Thursday, November 10, 2011

Grammar: Demonstratives

"yo" is an indicator of the plural form.

bear with me please :)

liv la the book (singular)
liv yo the books (plural)

ti gason an the little boy (singular)
ti gason yo the little boys (plural)

kay sa this house (singular)
kay sa yo these houses (plural)

moun sa this person (singular)
moun sa yo these people (plural)


Sa se kreyon mwen. → This is my pencil.
Sa yo se kreyon mwen → these are my pencils.

Sa se yon radyo. → This is a radio.
Sa yo se radyo. → These are radios.

Liv sa se pa m. → This book is mine.
Liv sa yo se pa m. → Those books are mine.

Mesye sa se frè m, → That guy is my brother.
Mesye sa yo se frè m. → Those guys are my brother.

Mwen renmen foto sa. → I like this picture.
Mwen renmen foto sa yo. → I like these pictures.

Mwen pa konprann mo sa. → I don't understand this word.
Mwen pa konprann mo sa yo. → I don't understand these words.

FYI:  The word "yo" just like the other Haitian Creole pronouns can be confusing. 
"Yo"  is the plural definite article → as in:  liv yo - the books
"yo" is the subject pronoun → as in:  Yo pale - they talk
"yo" is the object pronoun → as in:  Mwen renmen yo - I love them
"yo" is the possessive adjective → as in:  Sa se kay yo. - This is their house.

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