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Grammar: Future Tense and other Verbs

Future Tense and Other Verbs

Future Tense = Subject + Pral + Verb

Or…Future Tense = Subject + Ap + Verb

Contraction: = Subject + P + Verb

(Study the different ways to say something in the future tense)


(To go - ale)
1. She will go tomorrow.
(non contracted) - li pral ale demen
(contracted) - li prale demen
(Contracted) - li pral demen

(To see - wè)
2. I will see Joan tomorrow.
(non contracted) Mwen pral wè Joan demen
(contracted)  Mwen ap wè Joan demen
(contracted) M ap wè Joan demen = Map wè Joan demen

(To bring - pote)
3. He will bring the plate.
li pral pote plat la
li ap pote plat la
l ap pote plat la = lap pote plat la

(To be)
4. They will be there.
yo pral la
yo ap la
 yap la

(To sit - chita)
5. We will sit in front.
nou pral chita devan
nou ap chita devan
nap chita devan

Let’s review. Translate the following sentences.

1. The book will fall.

2. She will tell the story.

3. They will fight.

4. We will have more money.

5. Carline will sit here.

Find answer key at the bottom of this page.

1.liv la pral tonbe pral rakonte istwa a    3.yo pral batay or yo pral goumen    4.nou pral gen plis lajan    5.Carline pral chita la

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