Friday, March 5, 2010

Grammar: Past Tense

Past tense of the verb  TO BE

The past tense of the verb To Be is formed by adding te after the subject.

She was a nurse.  - Li te yon enfimyè.

Jonas was my friend.  - Jonas te zanmi m.

This was a bird.
  - Sa te yon zwazo.

It was a book - se te yon liv

It was a sad day - se te yon jou tris

Those were Journalists.  - Sa yo te jounalis.

Jo was a great singer.  - Jo te yon gran chantè.

Part I - Here is a little practice. Translate the following sentences.

1. This food was good.

2. Cedò was a friend.

3. That was an airplane.

4. It was a big day.

5. I was happy.

Find your answer key at the bottom of this page.


Past tense of OTHER VERBS

Past tense = Subject + Te + Verb

*Sometimes people will omit the “te” and just use the present tense when talking of the past.
She fell. - Li te tonbe. (or sometimes, 'li tonbe')

We went - nou te ale

I did it - m te fè li

Monète ran fast - Monète te kouri vit

he knocked at the door - li te frape pòt la

Part II - Let’s review: Please translate the following.

1. I understood

2. we loved it

3. she spoke well

4. we sat together

5. they ate it

6. She went to Haiti this morning.

7. We gave her a big kiss.

8. They cried.

9. She called us when she arrived.

10. She saw a lot of trees.

Find answer key at the bottom of this page

Part I -1.manje sa te bon    2.Cedò se te yon zanmi se te yon avyon te yon gwo jou    5.m te kontan

Part II - 1.m te konprann    2.nou te renmen l te pale byen    4.nou te chita ansanm te manje l    6.Li te ale Ayiti maten an    7.Nou te ba li yon gwo bobo    8.Yo te kriye    9.Li te rele nou lè li te rive    10.Li te wè anpil pye bwa

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